In raga music, instead of playing a pre-set melody or song, musicians improvise within a tonal framework. Each of these frameworks, or ragas, has a particular scale, a set of movements, and tonal ornaments all its own. However, just because the musician is staying true to a certain framework doesn’t necessarily mean he is successfully playing a raga for every true raga must also have the quality of bringing delight to the heart of the listener. Ragas are traditionally associated with different times of day and different moods. Some are even said to have magical powers. Of the ragas presented here, Yaman is an evening raga with a romantic mood, Desh is a late night raga with a provincial feel, and Mishra Bhairavi is a morning raga which can express a wide range of moods, and which is often played as a concluding piece.
Raga Desh – Sitar
Raga Yaman – flute
Raga Mishra Bhairavi – sitar and flute