Ghansi represents the rich musical folk tradition of Nepal from the southern plains to the high Himalayan mountains. The Artists effortlessly weave authentic folk melodies with musically satisfying raga-based improvisation. This CD will be enjoyed both by connoisseurs of pure folk music and by music lovers of all sorts who appreciate skill and musical mastery.

1. Rajamati      a popular Newari tune based on a love story
2. Simsime panima      this tune from the hill region of Nepal is often sung as part of a flirtatious singing game played between boys and girls.
3. Bhaili and Deusi      Caroling songs of the Tihar festival—Bhaili is sung on the evening of Laxmi worship and boys sing Deushi on the following evening.
4. Sebru       this is a Sherpa folk tune from the snowy Himalayan region.
5. Wo chhu galli      “which alley do you live in?”–a popular Newari folk tune.
6. Maina chari      this tune can be heard in the southern plains of Nepal during festival times.
7. Piyari Maya namara      “darling, don’t destroy our love”.
8. Charima      a tune to be hummed during separation from one’s beloved.
9. Ceremonial Tune      this tune is played by members of the Damai musician caste during the weddings and other festival occasions.
10. Bhojpuri      his tune can be heard in the southern plains of Nepal during festival times.

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