Just as pure air, water, and nourishing food influence the life force of all living things, so does the sound of music. Under the influence of soothing music, our heart rates and respiration are calmed, our brain waves are altered, and we draw strength and energy. Similarly, it is said that with the proper musical treatment trees and crops flourish and animals give more copious milk. For thousands of years the sages of South Asia have been advocating a balanced diet of yoga, ayurveda, and beautiful music for physical health and spiritual realization. Following in this tradition, we present this CD to help the listener concentrate the mind and body in the now, and to allow the clouded mirror of consciousness to clear. May this music be a tool in bringing you the peace and restored vitality that you seek.

1. Realization      mood of morning to gently guide the listener into the physical world.
2. Salvation’s Approach      soul preparation for the achievement of peace and prosperity.
3. Soul Struggle      the soul practice of attaining salvation Systematic approach towards the salvation.
4. The temple      worship shared with others in a sacred space.
5. Reconciliation      releasing attachment to the unattainable.
6. Relaxation      refreshment for the tired body and mind.
7. Oceanside      the hopes and dreams of human life.
8. Dynamic Meditation      the meditation of overcoming obstacles.

Recordist and Mixing      Prakash Ram Mishra
Recording Studio      Prime Broadcasting system
Mastered      Fabien Bourdier (France)
Cover Designed      Praveen Singh