Mero Desh is the first visual music of Sukarma which includes following five different music

Mero desh (my beloved nation)Mero desh is a patriotic theme wherein the expression is invigorating, it contains a blend of raga with the ethnic folk tunes, a rare rhythmic and thematic approach bringing together the diverse ethnology in a single dynamic expression symbolizing unity in diversity and peaceful co – existence. The concept of visualize is developed in  the theme of Music for peace and Harmony.

Upasana (worship): The soul of music lies in dedication and worship which brings magic to music thereby adding divinity to it . The awakening of the  true being is the aim of this composition.

Divine Soul (paramatma): ‘Dreams, Desires and Dedication’ a person when living is guided by them, a sad , shaking and sudden departure, this soul searching soother explores the feeling of a soul in search of the ultimate realization of dreams.

Manko Chhal (tides of heart): Atul unbound, unchained wanted to surprise all through this expression on his tabla, sadly for all this was released after his demise, a surprise indeed ! a sad one at that. This composition is probably the concluding remark to life from the man himself.

Sampada (heritage): Another dedicated composition, a tribute to the superrich heritage of Nepal and the makers who left behind this pride for all to cherish and to flaunt a due respect to one art form to the other. This is the introductory visualize of Pramod as a permanent member of Sukarma.