The alternating pattern of Nepali and jazz-oriented music continued throughout the evening. Probably the most impressive among the former was the instrumental trio Sukarma, whose name translates to “good deeds figuratively defined by the music they perform.” A jazz-like interaction and spontaneity existed between Dhrubesh Regmi (sitar), Shyam Nepali (sarangi) and Pramod Upadhyaya (hand percussion), and their heavyweight credentials (Regmi earned the first Ph.D. in music in Nepal) ensured strong performances. Regmi’s pluckings ranged from meditative to mandolin-like and Nepali’s viola-pitch bowing was true to his described approach of “reflecting the typical Nepali style…very soft, melodious and touching.” To a jazz fan their two sets during different parts of the evening came across as good ethnic example of the genre, if not genre- or mind-busting.

Published: November 15, 2005 By Mark Sabbatini